Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions of Suit Hire

1.       Booking and Deposit

2.       Fitting

3.       Collection & Final Fit

4.       Returning suits

5.       Loss or Damage

6.       Payments

7.       Changing and Cancelling Order


1.       Booking and Deposit

1.1    Chosen suits can be booked for your required date with a £200 deposit. £100 of this deposit is an additional charge and is refundable on return of the suits providing they are returned meeting all criteria. (see section 4)

1.2    If you have anyone in your party who may need extra attention e.g. Larger size (52 and above) or has special needs, please make the member of staff aware upon booking or as soon as possible thereafter.

2.       Fitting

2.1    It is recommended all groomsmen make themselves available to be measured in store by our trained staff. They can be measured individually at their own convenience 6-8 weeks before ceremony date. If 2 or more are planning to be fitted at once, an appointment is recommended. (Call 028 9045 9052)

2.2    It is the individual’s responsibility to fit suits correctly with the aid of staff. These sizes will be recorded and used to put suits together for the day of the ceremony. Before leaving the store, individuals agree to their measurements and ensure they have been recorded without error.

2.3    If men are unable to be fitted in store, measurements can be phoned in and recorded as C.O.M. (customers own measurements)

3.       Collection and Final Fit

3.1    It is highly recommended each individual is available to try the final suit on during collection.

3.2    We endeavor to have suits available up to 5 working days before the ceremony.

3.3    All items that leave the store are considered correct and fit for purpose and any issues brought to our attention on return will not be eligible for refund and may incur a fee.

4.       Returning Suits

4.1    It is expected that all suits are returned a) on time b) on hangers and inside covers provided c) without damage (see section 5) It may affect the return, in full, of your deposit if this is not done correctly. It is recommended that the best man or other nominated individual is responsible for the safe return of all goods.

4.2    It is not necessary to return shirts or shoes and no items should be washed before return.

4.3    Suits will be checked as soon as possible by staff and any loss or damage recorded. If suits are returned with no loss or damage (section 5) the deposit will be automatically returned via cheque to the groom’s address given upon booking.

5.       Loss or Damage

5.1    It is the Grooms responsibility to reimburse C. A. Gowdy Ltd for all loss or damage to goods while out on hire. The replacement cost may be over the security deposit amount and may require further money owed. Damage includes but is not limited to; Tearing, Burn Marks, Permanent Stains, Holes etc.

6.       Payments

6.1    Payments can be made at any time both in store and via phone. We accept cash and debit/credit cards. We do not accept cheques or American Express. The final balance should be payed no later than one month before the ceremony.

7.       Changing And Cancelling Order

7.1    Any request to change the order can only be made by the Bride and Groom. These changes will be facilitated where possible and may incur extra charges. For example; If it is requested that a suit colour is changed and we have declined other bookings, the old order will be cancelled and all money paid will be lost.

7.2    If an order is cancelled, no refund can be given.

7.3    There is a “cooling off” period of one week when suits can be cancelled and fully refunded.

Opening hours Monday – Saturday 9am to 5pm except Thursday late night until 7:30pm (appointments requested)